We are Horn OK
Please, a first-of-its kind social
backpacker's hostel in
Mumbai, by travellers for travellers.

The hostel is based in Bandra –
a cosmopolitan, vibrant and
accessible part of the city; ideal
for backpackers in India
travelling to or through the city.

We are located in the
centre of the city, 20 mins
from international and
domestic Airport, 5 mins
walk from Bandra Station.

Steeped in history but with all
the modern perks and amenities,
Horn Ok Please is a small, lively
and sociable hostel dedicated
to creating a fun and safe space
during your journey.

You expect a hostel but you
arrive at a mate’s place. You
expect a reception desk
instead we greet you with a
cup of coffee.

You arrive alone but you go out
with 37 friends. If you're looking
for a place to kick back and chill,
or if you want to party
your socks off
, this is it.