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cafes Bandra

One thing that frustrates a lot of travelers and expats in Mumbai or India is the lack of individual unique cafes with good coffee, wifi and a great ambience to hang out all day. Unfortunately coffee is mostly served in chain coffee houses like Café Coffee Day or Starbucks, all places without soul and character. But Bandra is different. If you’re planning a chilled day with a good book, yummy food and simply delicious coffee or tea, Bandra is the best place for you. Here are our favorite all day hangouts:

  1. The Yoga House

This is one of our all-time favorites. The bright green building in a quiet neighborhood off the sea promenade Carter Road is a peaceful heaven for organic food and fitness lovers and those who just need a quite resting spot. In the lower level they offer yoga classes and locally made products. In the upper levels a unique calming interior and friendly staff welcomes you to the café section. The food isn’t cheap and the portions are small. But it is super yummy and healthy. Great for a chilled and long breakfast! 

Yoga House Bandra
Organic food, great ambience, fitness though Yoga – what else do you need!
  1. The Bagel Shop

Just around the corner from Yoga House and one of the old-established café venues in Bandra is Bagel Shop. It’s great for a work at a café kind of day as the wifi is fast, the coffee strong and the bagels fulfilling. The place is one of the only pet-friendly places and therefore you always find friendly pet owners around.

  1. The Village Shop

You will find a couple of organic food oriented places on this list as that’s the latest trend in Bandra. Just like in any other place with lots of wealthy young hipsters! However, in Bandra organic food usually comes with great ambience and quiet and peaceful locations. The Village Shop is a place like this and centrally located just off Hill Rd close to the seas side. There is a fantastic boutique clothes store next door. Try it out!

  1. Bird Song Café

This is our last organic vegan kind of place on the list – promise! But the look and style of this café is really unbeatable. As soon as you enter you will feel like you got transmitted to Brooklyn, that’s how hip it is. And who thought that vegan cakes and pastries can actually taste like heaven’s treats? Definitely a place for good coffee, yummy food and good wifi in close proximity to the Horn Ok Please Hostel.

Feels just like in Brooklyn or Berlin: Bird Song Cafe in Bandra.
Feels just like in Brooklyn or Berlin: Bird Song Cafe in Bandra.
  1. Salt Water Café

Now that we are done talking about healthy culinarian experiences we’d like to tell you about the bottomless sangria offer at Salt Water Café from Monday to Friday from 11am to 4pm and from 4 to 7pm. Not that this places needs any more favorable reasoning now but the food is also delicious! It’s one of the rare places where you really get western-style food without any Indianising for relatively good prices.

  1. The Taj Mahal Tea House

What a treat for the eye this place is. A typical old colonial bungalow transformed into a small café with a great antique design. And the choice of teas is outstanding and there are many other treats too. A great place to hang for hours on end while sipping some Indian tea!

The Taj Mahal Tea House Cafe in Bandra - a treat for tea lovers!
The Taj Mahal Tea House Cafe in Bandra – a treat for tea lovers and fans of antique furniture!
  1. Candies

Compared to all other mentioned cafes this is the most budget-friendly option amongst the distinctive cafes in Bandra. It’s very popular amongst the young college crowds as its dishes are cheap and ordered by counter service. The place is very large with multiple levels and super colorful. It has been around for many years now and has some smaller branches too. Only minus: the food is not that great. It’s typical fast food, simple and calories-heavy. But there is always space for a big group and it’s very chilled and cozy.

  1. Suzette

Not really a café as such but definitely a nice cozy joint in Bandra is Suzette, a creperia with French owners. You can choose from delicious savory and sweet crepes but also salads and sandwiches. The verandah has comfortable seating so why not hanging out here for some time while you eat one yummy crepes after the other.

There are certainly many things you can do in Mumbai. But one needs to also relax right?! Bandra has some great options to take a more chilled out day off from all the sightseeing and adventures. But if you travel on a budget and don’t have money to spend at cafes you can also hang out with us at the Horn Ok Please Hostel. You can have coffee and tea for free all day long and wifi is free too. Book your stay with us now! 

If you’re more of a nigh owl,

cafes Bandra
Bagels at Bagel Shop in Bandra – Yum!

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