The 10 best nightlife spots in Bandra

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Bandra is the nightlife hub of Mumbai and has the highest density of pubs, bars, clubs and lounges in entire India – one big reason why you should not skip Mumbai on your travels in India! All locals, expats and travellers who are looking for a good night-out head eventually to Bandra, there is no way around it. But in the fast changing environment Bandra is, new venues emerge and vanish all the time. However, there are some gems amongst all of them that can guarantee you a good time. Here is our list of favourites:

1. Bonobo

Bonobo has been around for many years due its great ambience. This roof top bar offers a great variety of drinks for relatively affordable prices. There is a quiet chilled-out area where guests can actually have a conversation (not a standard in Mumbai!) and a separate area for music and dancing. The staff is friendly and fun to interact with. The location is also unbeatable with many more bars close by. There is even live music from time to time.

2. Bar Stock Exchange

A unique themed bar where the alcohol prices vary according to customer demand but always stay in an affordable price range. This bar with many branches across Mumbai is always packed, even on weekdays. However, that makes it a great spot to hang out with locals.

nightlife bandra
At Bar Stock Exchange the prices increase and decrease according to demand.

3. Khar Social

The Social Bars started with the concept of combining a collaborative workspace with an urban hangout place – basically a place to work AND play. But the Khar Social has become a very popular after-work and weekend bar with great music and superb drinks. Both cocktails and food follow an experimental Indian-Western fusion theme and are to die for!

4. The Daily Kitchen and Bar

The idea of the daily is to create a space of good news. The whole bar is decorated with newspaper articles of great things happening in the world. Also good news are the drink and food options as well as the chilled-out ambience at after-work-hours and the party mood later. Never had a boring night at the Daily!

5. Janata

Going out in Mumbai isn’t cheap. The taxes on alcohol are high and in many places you pay extra for the ambience and music. If you’re on a budget and prefer a local slightly shady watering hole experience you might like Janata. This small joint in the fancy area of Pali Naka attracts mostly masculine older patrons but also many young hipsters and expats who just want to have a cheap drink and interact without loud music drowning every conversation. Best place to get a feel of the unique Bandra vibes!

6. Yacht

Yacht is the only second cheap option for simple drink-and-chat-nights besides Janata. It used to be really shady, with cockroaches crawling over your feet while you enjoy the cheapest beer around. Recently it was renovated though so there shouldn’t be any filthy disturbances anymore. But with the bright clean colours it also lost a little bit its original ‘charm’. Drink prices stayed the same though!

nightlife bandra
The hole in the wall kind of feel you can get at Yacht on Hill Road in Bandra


7. Toto’s Garage

Even though the numbers of guests slightly declined in recent years, there is no list of bars of Bandra or even of Mumbai without the iconic Toto’s. This pub was founded in the early 90s when drinking was still considered a taboo and Pali Naka was a small village. It’s famous for its quirky ambience, rock music and the interesting character of the owner who always greets every single guest.

nightlife bandra
Definitely an interesting interior or Toto’s Garage in Pali Hill, Bandra

8. Drop

So far we covered the hipster joints, old-established pubs and cheap watering holes of Bandra. Now let’s talk Dancing! Drop is the closest club to the Horn Ok Please Hostel. It’s definitely not cheap but none of the clubs in Mumbai or India are. However, if you want to dance the night away and learn some Bollywood moves from local experts you’re at the right spot. Dress up though, Mumbai’s club scene is fancy!

9. Bombay Adda

Finish off the night with some rooftop lounge sheesha kind of bar vibe at Bombay Adda. It’s the newest addition to Bandra’s nightlife scene (It’s actually in Santa Cruz but reached quickly from Linking Road). Like every lounge in the city it has great food in starter sizes and party music all night long. The cocktails here are amazing

10. Olive Bar & Kitchen

Many Bollywood and cricket celebrities reside in Bandra. And where do they spend their nights? Correct, at Olive! It’s probably the fanciest venue on the list but if you want to spot some famous actors and cricket players (if you can recognise them!) come to Olive. The food is great and the ambience is awesome for a date night.

Those are just a few of many bars, pubs, lounges and clubs in Bandra. But keep in mind that most bars shut at 1am and clubs at 3am. For more tips and personal recommendations book your stay with us at the Horn Ok Please Hostel in Bandra. We make sure you have a great time while you are in Mumbai!

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