You know those places that have
this undefinable but undeniable
aura of being welcoming, interesting
and intriguing all at once?
Well, Bandra is one of those places.
Bandra has an old soul
but with bursts of a new, brighter world.

It has something for everyone.
A cure for every whim. A place for
every occasion. It has the sea.
And the rocks. And the rock stars.
Places to eat at. Things to do.
Places to not do things.
Whatever you need. Maybe things
you didn't know you did.

Away from the noise and flash
of tourist hubs like Colaba lies Bandra.
Her charm is quite distinctive. You'll
find quiet, tree-lined lanes, that makes
you think of a Portuguese avenida,
only a stone's throw away from a
popping bar or restaurant.

Quaint little colonial bungalows stand
alongside modern apartment
buildings. Fishermen's markets are
walking distance from modern
convenience stores
. And all along the
way temples, churches and mosques
adorn our walkable streets.

There is history in every crevasse, and
stories unfolding on every street corner.
The people of Bandra are laid back,
and come from every walk of
. Cuisines from across India, Asia
and Europe are on offer, and you're spoilt
for choice when it comes to the nightlife
as well.

Here's the best part: Bandra is
incredibly accessible
by virtually every
mode of transport. You're never too far
away from the other parts of the city or
the major transport hubs. The hostel is
located 20 mins from Chatrapati Shivaji
International Airport, 17 mins
from the domestic airport and 5
mins walk from Bandra train station.