When Smit doesn’t work at his very
own fashion store and label he
hums random songs and drums
along on any given surface.

This mostly annoys the shit out of
everyone surrounding him.

However, there are things to
appreciate about him too: his interest
in getting to know everyone from
everywhere, his willingness to host
worldwide friends
at his humble
apartment in Bandra, his mostly shitty
but entertaining card tricks and his
amazingly good cocktail mixing.

For him a hostel is about
creating an environment for
travelers to socialize and to get
to know Mumbai like you
wouldn’t at any other place.

There is not much in life that is more
important to Rishab than food.
And for him there is no other place
like Mumbai to eat your heart out.

But food tastes just half as good when
not shared. Therefore, he loves to
introduce local food to international
and share his knowledge of the
restaurant and street food scene in
Mumbai with everyone. And his German
wife can't wait for him to stop telling her
but all hostel guests about the best
samosa or thali in the city - constantly!

For him a hostel is about making
sure travelers have the perfect
starting point to explore the city
off the beaten tourists paths.